Does TV affect us? You bet it does!  Most people think TV doesn’t affect them but what they are thinking about is conscious thinking. Although TV does affect conscious thinking to a degree, it is mainly your subconscious mind it affects more than anything. This is by far the more powerful part of your mind. 90% of your mind power is subconscious and only 10% conscious. And we are not usually aware of things which affect our subconscious mind as much.

Our emotions are subconscious and so are our habits. In other words, these things happen automatically without us really thinking about it. The key to affecting your subconscious mind is repetition and emotion. TV does both. TV has the power to cause all types of emotions, both positive and negative, such as fear; for example, watching a creepy movie or seeing something really bad or horrific on the news. On the plus side, if you watched a good comedy, then it would cause the positive emotion of humour. When we watch TV just for the sake of it, or if we don’t know whats going to happen next, such as the news or a film we haven’t seen before, from an emotional point of view, we are really like puppets on a string.  The TV is controlling us without is really knowing it. Ive seen the mood instantly change in a room just as the result of what has been on the TV.

These people maybe just finished watching a good comedy. They were all in a happy mood, then the news came on and instantly there was something brutal which caused anger. This destroyed the positive mood instantly.  Then the weather forecast came on, just to make things worse! It wasn’t good either.  The whole mood changed and all these peoples emotions changed just because of a little screen in the corner of the room! Oh what power the TV has!

Some people also get their standards from TV.  For example, sex and violence. If you watch these things often enough, you cant help but eventually act in any other way. Psychologists have proven that if you saturate your mind with something often enough and for long enough, it will eventually be accepted by your subconscious mind and it will be near impossible to act in any other way. This is because the TV affects your subconscious mind and 90% of our behaviour is subconscious. We would find ourselves eventually just behaving a bit different without giving any real thought to it.

Another example of how the TV affects our standards (or values) is if we compare it to speed bumps on a road. This was a true, real life example of how the mind will eventually accept something which it initially didn’t like. There was a road which had no speed bumps at all.

Then one day the council put down speed bumps all of a sudden. People were in an uproar. They were all out complaining. Some of them phoned the council, others wrote letters or emailed them with their complaints to have the bumps removed.  But the council were firm. They said sorry but the bumps had to be there. So the people just had to get used to it. But eventually years later, and even today, the bumps don’t bother these people at all.

Their subconscious mind has accepted it. It happened through repetition over a period of years. In fact some of these same people now think it’s a good thing to have the bumps there because it makes it safer for people. These were the same people who were initially furious!

Now, what changed?  The bumps haven’t changed. Only peoples attitudes towards them.  Well, the same thing happens with TV when people see something often enough and for long enough. Their subconscious mind eventually accepts the behaviour as the ‘norm’.

It makes no difference if the behaviour is bad or wrong. It will eventually be accepted by their subconscious mind. And this is only one aspect of how the TV controls us. I have written a chapter about TV in my first book, ‘You Are The Problem, You Are The Solution’ because I felt it was so important and never really taught much.