My mission is to help people improve their lives. My life has changed dramatically since becoming involved in multi- level marketing and starting to read self help books in 1995. I have never missed a day of reading since. As a result, I feel I owe it to people to try and help them. I believe that every normal human being wants happiness, success, wealth, good relationships, health etc. and probably much more. The key to all of this is what you feed your mind.

It is possible for every one of us to achieve our dreams, but only if we commit to controlling what we allow into our minds. Everything starts with our thinking. The irony is that our thinking can be our biggest enemy or our greatest asset. That’s why its so important to take control- because your results in life will never rise above your level of thinking. That was my main reason for writing You Are The Problem, You Are The Solution. When someone says to you “Its possible for you to achieve your dreams” what do you think inside? Do you agree, or do you doubt? You see, its that inner voice that causes us most of our trouble.

Yet, that inner voice can be changed to work for us instead of against us- by reading (positive material) and by controlling our words. Most people underestimate the power of words, but words immediately affect your emotional state, your attitude, your perception and ultimately success or defeat. There is so much to all this, that it would be impossible to go into it all here. If you read for 15 minutes a day from a positive book and make it a priority (no matter how busy you are) you will never look back. Everything will improve ; your confidence, how you feel about yourself, how you relate with other people, opportunities will open up, the limits will come off and you will realize they were ficticious, self created and didnt have to be on in the first place. I wish you well.