First of all, I would keep your day job because you probably need the income. But don’t stop there. The very first thing I would say to anyone who wants to better themselves is to get involved in personal development- especially the books. Just the fact that you are looking at this website proves that you probably already are. So, well done for that! Secondly, start looking for an opportunity to do in your spare time- and keep looking until you find one. And I don’t mean getting an extra job somewhere, working for a boss.

All that will do is put some extra money in your pocket for the short term- you wont achieve your dreams by doing that. I mean look for something that you will own, such as a part-time business, or some kind of investment. It could be any kind of investment. But whatever you do, it has to be something that when it is set up (in the long term) it will provide passive income- instead of earned income.

Theres a world of difference and many people miss this point. That means that when it is up and running, it will provide income that doesn’t require you to be there. This is one of the keys as to why the rich become rich ; they invest their spare time in their own businesses instead of someone else’s. As a result, they end up with multiple streams of passive income from their investments- all which can operate without their active involvement (which frees up their time as well as giving them more money) Whereas working a few extra hours for a boss somewhere requires you to be there, which not only eats away at your time but you end up having invested your time in someone else’s business- making them rich. You end up working harder and harder with less and less time- and often with very little to show for it.

For example, writing a book could be an investment because it can provide royalty income which will come in even if you don’t get out of your bed in the morning, or rental property could be an investment because rental income will also continue to come in without your active involvement. But its up to you to find something that you enjoy and interests you. For more insights on this, I strongly recommend Robert Kiyosaki’s books such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad and The Cashflow Quadrant and other books in his series. He goes into this in tremendous detail in his books. An important point he makes in his books is that you don’t get rich at your day job, you get rich in your spare time. His books completely changed my life and my way of thinking regarding money.