Yes I believe in miracles. Why? Because God does not change. Whatever He has done in the past, He can and still does today. The only difference is that we can’t see Him, but He still operates in the exact same way. The bible says that He always has been the same, still is the same and always will be the same. Let me give you some examples ; right away World War Two comes to mind. Firstly, lets see what the bible says about what Hitler was doing ; “There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord” (Prov 21:30) So right away, Hitler was doomed – although it was going to be a long brutal and bitter struggle. I know I cannot prove it but I believe there were many miracles during WW2 which God helped the Allies to win.

Here are a few examples :
* When Britain stood alone, we were almost bombed into submission and RAF Fighter Command was almost wiped out. Had the Germans continued bombing the airfields instead of bombing London and other major cities, we could well have lost. They would surely have invaded us and you and I would probably not be living today. But its interesting to note that just before the Germans changed their tactics and started bombing the cities, King George announced a day of national prayer because the situation was so desperate and defeat looked inevitable. After that day, the airfields were left alone and the next raid went to London. It was the beginning of the Blitz. (one of Hitler’s greatest mistakes) This allowed the RAF to regroup and eventually go back on the offensive. Sir Hugh Dowding referred to this as ‘the miracle’.

* I believe it was also a miracle at Dunkirk when 330,000 of our troops were successfully evacuated from the beaches and brought back to England- especially when Hitler had them in his grasp and could easily have wiped them out. Instead, he ordered his armies to halt, in order to let their supplies catch up.

* I also believe another miracle was not long after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, when American intelligence broke the Japanese naval codes and were able to find out the Japanese were planning to attack the island of Midway in June 1942. As a result of breaking these codes, the US achieved a massive victory, sinking four of Japans largest carriers (the ones which launched the attack on Pearl Harbor) This was a turning point in the Pacific war from which Japan would never recover.

* Another event which I believe was a miracle, was the capture of the enigma machine on board the German U- Boat (U-110) Although many U-Boats were sunk during WW2, the chances of capturing a U-Boat intact, on the surface and to be able to board it and capture the machine was almost unthinkable. This led to the Allies being able to know the wolfpack locations and allowed us to avoid them and stay one step ahead of the enemy, and eventually win the Battle of the Atlantic. I also believe that God put the right people in the right place at the right time, in order to inspire the nation and achieve ultimate victory- namely Winston Churchill Prime Minister of Great Britain. “The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the Lord” (Prov 21:31)